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Group Therapy

At the Hockessin Center for Change, we offer a variety of group therapy programs.

ADHD Group

When a child has ADHD, it impacts the home, school, relationships with peers and others. The curriculum for this group is based on the most current research regarding skills and practices that work with this group of children. Children will learn valuable skills to manage time, schoolwork and peers in spite of having ADHD. For example, the children who attend the group will learn to follow adult directions, think before acting impulsively, reduce arguing, and get along better with other children. Older children and teens will learn valuable time management strategies and study skills empirically proven to work! Parents will also learn strategies to manage the symptoms of ADHD and other co-occurring problems with behavior. This program involves two groups meeting at the same time. The caregivers meet with one therapist and the children meet with another therapist during the same hour.

Social Skills Group

This group is for children ages 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old who need help improving social skills at school and home, with peers and adults, and who need help managing their emotions. Children attending the Social Skills Group will learn skills in seven areas: classroom skills, interpersonal relationships/friendships, identifying and expressing feelings, relieving stress, making decisions, reducing aggression, and self-acceptance.

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