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Medication and Mental Health

The role which medication may have in addressing issues in mental health varies greatly. In some cases a medicine or combination of medicines is an essential component of treatment, but in other instances medication may provide minimal benefit or even be inappropriate. Psychiatric medication is at times shrouded in misunderstanding and apprehension. What medicine can do is often either greatly exaggerated to the exclusion of other very important factors or viewed as useless, ineffective, or dangerous. Rational discussion of the potential risks and benefits creates the foundation for mutual decision-making regarding if, when, and how to use medicine. Treatment with any medication, whether in psychiatry or any other medical specialty, is not a trivial matter and requires appropriate monitoring and communication between doctor and patient.

The prescribing of medication for emotional and behavioral problems is not a precise science. Each individual person is the ever-changing product of unique genetic and environmental influences of unimaginable complexity, and medication treatment must be individualized. Finding the best medicine or combination of medicines is sometimes simple and at other times very challenging. Medication is not a panacea, but it can make an important contribution to the overall treatment plan.

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